Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot. hot. hot.

Sounds like you're in SO-Calllli
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Weather To Expect: July 29, 2009

Looks to be a day that will be written about in Seattle weather history books for years to come. The forecasted high temperature for Seattle today is 101 degrees. If we hit that temperature, this will be the hottest day ever recorded in Seattle. The current all time record high is 100 degrees and has been set twice, back on July 20, 1994 at Sea-Tac Airport and July 16, 1941 when records were kept downtown at the Federal Building. Records for Seattle go all the way back to 1891, so this is a truly historic event.

The hottest weather will be found around the south sound and areas away from the water where some highs could be soaring up to 105 degrees. How about the coolest spots around Western Washington? On the water at the coast, areas on the Olympic Peninsula, and on Whidbey Island will see the lowest temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon. The Excessive Heat Warning and Air Stagnation Advisory both remain in effect through 6 pm Friday.

Thursday will be a very hot day as well with highs still hovering around the 100 degree mark. Friday and into the weekend, a little relief will be on the way. Not a major cool down, but temperatures will be falling back down around the 90 degree mark. 92 on Friday, 88 on Saturday, and 92 degrees on Sunday can be expected for your weekend plans. Drink plenty of water and check on family, friends, and pets during this extremely hot day.

Get out yer stand up Paddle Boards and pretend it's Aloha Magic!

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