Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In case you don't know - I live in the Northwest - have been here for 3 years now. I guess you could say there is a serious number of geeks here in the NW - and all-in-all, it doesn't bother me, but lately, I'm craving for something different.

The cool geek phenomenon has been going on for some time now - so isn't it time to bring something else to the forefront for awhile? Maybe the greaser can come back? Instead of thick glasses, we can embrace pomade... Instead of dorky shorts, sandals/socks combo, we can wear vintage boots? Instead of being too smart, we can dumb ourselves down a bit and go cruisin'.

I just can't read about another rock+paper+scissors or trivia contest. I'm ready for something new....

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Chris Rabe said...

True...Redmond: not so much the greaser capital of the NW. Lucky for you the Rockabilly Ball is coming up at the end of September. And Big Sandy and His Fly-rite Boys are playing at the Tractor this Saturday.

You need to put on your crinolines and sass up your hair-do and swing the night away!!!