Monday, July 13, 2009


Wedding cake. I can't get enough of it. I'm not talking about the eating of the cake (who really remembers the taste of a wedding cake at the wedding?), I'm talking about the appearance of the cake.

I've been watching Amazing Wedding Cakes on WeTV and The Cake Boss on TLC recently - okay, a lot thanks to our DVR. And no, I'm not getting married (I'm actually celebrating my 2-year anniversary this August.)

It's just that I enjoy the drama behind the wedding cake. The decision of what the cake should look like, the layout of the design, the drama behind the fondant - all of it. And these two shows delivery it. (Especially Cake Boss - and his Mom, um, the real boss.)

So what is it behind these expensive and sometimes tasty pieces of art? Is it because it's art we can understand and enjoy (and taste?) Whatever the secret, keep the shows a'coming.

(Cake by April Reed Cake Design, NYC)

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