Wednesday, July 15, 2009

breaking the mold.

Recently after some brainstorming with my PR team for a client pitch ;), I realized that breaking the routine in my closet, might be something good for me.

So this month, I decided to branch away from my routine leather bag from Avelle - and go for a designer I've been putting in my 'wish list' for some time now - Isabella Fiore. Each season, Avelle features her bags that have an eclectic, vintage feel to them. Not my norm, but something I've really been drawn to.

Well, here's my bag - pictured. Yes, still brown leather, but it is different for me. There is a painting of a hippy meets Japanese animation girl on the front, AND I can carry it as a shoulder bag OR a messenger bag style.

So far, day 1, I'm digging my decision. Maybe mixing it up was a good idea!

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