Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my taste.

In our house, we have 4 ipods. 2 out of 4 we've purchased, the other 2 were gifts. Do I love my ipod? Nah. I don't love it, but it works. It is a heck a lot better than dragging a cd player to the gym and having it skip as I run on the treadmill or try to lift weights while the cd falls out or something.... But is it perfect? No.

Our 30 gig no longer jives with our home computer and all the music on the hard drive is GONE. It's only on the ipod, so to erase it is like killing our 'record' collection.

So lately, *without* buying the player, I've explored other avenues. One being Zune. I downloaded some music recently for a friend - and could only find certain songs on Zune vs ITunes - so wa-la, I bought some points (Zune is a point system to purchase) to buy some songs....

Recently for work, I checked out the more social aspect of Zune vs ITunes, and created this card to show you what's on my music mind.... sorta cool, though I'm not sure you care. And it's not really my taste 100% but my taste that day. You know, music and me change on a daily basis. Heck, sometimes hourly. One minute I'm chilling with Norah Jones, the other with PIL.

So here's to music and my every changing taste of players, music sites, and more.

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