Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watch where you sit....

Advertisers are every where.

At first when I read about this I was slightly grossed out. Social Networking + rating toilets = ew. BUT then I remembered my dream in the mid 90s while living in NYC (pre Starbucks) and praying for restaurant to allow me the key to the kingdom for a brief minute "Why can't any one create a toilet guide for me?!?"

Wa-la! Now you have one - especially for those walking cities where toilets are not available when you need them. It's a user rated toilet guide right on your Blackberry or iPhone at brought to you by Charmin.

Now, when I visit this site, I'm not force fed Charmin - actually I only see the 'red' bear when I hit the homepage my first visit. AND I don't feel overwhelmend with product sponsorship. I would think you wouldn't want the brand and site to tie too much to the toilets - I mean, too closely could imply a connection with lack of or dirty loos.

These days I live in a car friendly, easy walking, welcome restaurant, and use-our-toilet kind of city. I hope that doesn't change and I can enjoy my new Windows Mobile Omnia without having to worry about rating my toilet experience....

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