Wednesday, January 28, 2009

obviously delicious. secretly nutritious.

These days when I see a great ad on tv, in a magazine, on a social networking site - I expect that I can go online immediately after I see it - and watch it, read it, observe it again.

Tonight I saw a funny new ad campaign by Chef Boy-Ar-Dee - tagline "Obviously delicious. Secretly nutritious." The Mom is trying hard, very hard, to make sure the Dad doesn't let their kid in on the secret (there are vegatables in every can!)

It's funny. It's engaging. I dug it!

So...I searched for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee on YouTube - and found nothing new...only old commercials.... Then I searched for the product site - and while I found all you can think about when it comes to the pasta in a can, the site fell flat and un-engaging. Exactly opposite from what I felt after watching the TV commercial. I'm disappointed that I can't share the commercial with you and give the company some kudos....

So here's a thought companies out there, if you're investing in the TV commericial, the big new campaign - make sure you think about all the ways we can reach out and the connection there. It's not just a 1-stop solution. We have to reach our audiences in multiple ways so people can contribute, stay connected - and engaged. In cases like this - we want our audience to say good things about the new campaign - or in this case question why it's not followed through in today's age of normal campaign outlets.

By the way...what the heck is the story behind "Chef Boy-Ar-Dee"?! I need to search on that one...

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