Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'd like to buy the world a coke....

Today, January 20th, 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President of the United States, but you already know that.

Today, during my lunch hour, I came across this bus - pictured, and thought to myself, "Wait, that looks like Obama's message 'Hope Won' " - but it's not...quite..the same.... and... It reads 'refresheverything.com' in the upper right corner..."

So I headed home and plugged in the URL - "..ah ha, Pepsi." At the same time, I opened my latest Advertising Age magazine and read page 6 which talks about this very thing - Coca Cola & Pepsi are tapping into the country's time of change and rebranding their messages.

Pepsi with a Refresh Everything campaign, which I'm enjoying browsing along with their environmental campaign. Coca-Cola will be unveiling "Open Happiness" shortly.

So at first, I have to admit, though the Pepsi execution is some what decent, I became a little upset. "Why is a soda company copying MY PRESIDENT'S marketing campaign?! Why is the company trying to persuade me to switch to Pepsi just because we have a new President?" Then, honestly I thought, well, why not? If not now, when? Why wouldn't a company say, "hey, we're all going through this change, let's try something else together, now." It actually sort of works - and Pepsi's execution of Refresh Everything works - other than the subliminal messages on buses. I do think that is a little too much.

Then, I remembered something else. I was born in '71 - the same year Coca-Cola released their campaign "I'd like to buy a world a Coke" Campaign. During this time the world was in turmoil, innocent people were in a place of pain and suffering, and we all wanted peace. The hippies were screaming love and harmony, and as a toddler during all this - I fell in love with the commericial song so much my parents bought the 45 LP. (I think my Mom might still have it some where in the basement...)

So here I am a toddler, with my first doll being a black baby doll, my Coca-Cola campaign 45 LP, and a love for peace and harmony. I guess one could say I was being prepped for this very day. The day where we all refreshed and tried something else since the old way just wasn't working.

It's time for change. Hope Won...and maybe just maybe, I'll try a Diet Pepsi.

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