Friday, January 9, 2009

How to become a professional cupcake model.

1. love cupcakes.

2. appreciate the perfect balance between cake and frosting ratio.

3. know how to dress.

4. know the difference between shortening and butter, uh-pllllleeeeassse.

5. understand the art of decorating a cupcake from toppers, to cupcake liners, icing tips, themed parties, to colored sugar.

6. melting inside with love when you first discovered cupcake "wrappers" and thinking of all the possibilities.

7. have a weekly manicure with a nice cupcake pink color for the nails.

8. thinking on January 9th what type of cupcakes should be made for Valentines day.

9. wondering when the next cupcake occasion can be? Obama's inauguration? (works for me.)

10. crave a cupcake so badly, get in your car and go buy one at your favorite cupcake place - trophy cupcakes.

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