Monday, December 14, 2009


i think this says it all.

Monday, November 30, 2009


If you search for images under the word "change" you get everything from Obama, to pocket change, to weird graphs, to Beck, to .... but what does change mean to me? Change isn't a bad thing, it's just different. It means that it's time to think about something different, with a different way of looking at it. Change means progress in whatever is happening. Does progress necessarily mean good? Nah, but it means it's progressing and we learn from progress.

Here's to all the changes quickly approaching.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here I am - connected more than ever to everyone. Whether it be through Social Networks, my (crack)berries (yes, I have 2), Blackberry messenger, Other messenger tools, email accounts (I have 4), or ___ (fill in the blank) - I'm more connected than I've ever been to the people I care for, the people I work with, the people I've met once-twice-three times?, people I've never met F2F, or ____ (fill in the blank), and I'm still missing birthdays, emails, you name it. I'm still forgetting to do certain things on my mental, digital, hard copy to do list. There are all these "tools" to make my life easier, but honestly, I'm starting to crave my old daily planner and a nice, new pen in a quiet cafe - wondering if anyone left me a message on my home answering machine and wondering if I should even care.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rethinking the process.

It's time for me and my marketing career to rethink my approach. I'm definitely thinking differently in the solutions behind the strategic thinking for my clients, but I feel it's also time for me to approach my professionalism a bit like Mr. Donald Draper does - with a sense of ease and understanding of the value of what I bring to the table for my clients and the respect the craft of marketing deserves.

Now if only I could have a cocktail at lunch and not get loopy during a pitch while dressed to the nine without a hair out of place... Ahh, the 50s.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

all about the packaging.

I love packaging. I love when I go into a store and the boutique wraps something, no matter how big or small - perfectly. I love when I get a gift that is wrapped in a new way. I love ribbons. I love boxes. I love paper. I love boxes. Okay, sometimes I love packaging more than I love the gift inside. I love when the packaging is tied to the item inside...

yes, for me, it's all about the packaging.

Thanks Essenza in Fremont for reminding me of this and my man for bringing me something home from this boutique - perfectly packaged.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

laziness caused by convenience.

I no longer know what time a show is on tv, what day the show is on, or what's on. Seriously. I just see a show (or know I show) I like and program my DVR to record it. Now don't get me wrong, if the DVR doesn't record it, I become upset - but normally, I'm pretty content with my library of recorded shows....

I'm officially no longer aware of tv programming. I wonder, does that make me lazy?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot. hot. hot.

Sounds like you're in SO-Calllli
(Sent to me from my sister - from

Weather To Expect: July 29, 2009

Looks to be a day that will be written about in Seattle weather history books for years to come. The forecasted high temperature for Seattle today is 101 degrees. If we hit that temperature, this will be the hottest day ever recorded in Seattle. The current all time record high is 100 degrees and has been set twice, back on July 20, 1994 at Sea-Tac Airport and July 16, 1941 when records were kept downtown at the Federal Building. Records for Seattle go all the way back to 1891, so this is a truly historic event.

The hottest weather will be found around the south sound and areas away from the water where some highs could be soaring up to 105 degrees. How about the coolest spots around Western Washington? On the water at the coast, areas on the Olympic Peninsula, and on Whidbey Island will see the lowest temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon. The Excessive Heat Warning and Air Stagnation Advisory both remain in effect through 6 pm Friday.

Thursday will be a very hot day as well with highs still hovering around the 100 degree mark. Friday and into the weekend, a little relief will be on the way. Not a major cool down, but temperatures will be falling back down around the 90 degree mark. 92 on Friday, 88 on Saturday, and 92 degrees on Sunday can be expected for your weekend plans. Drink plenty of water and check on family, friends, and pets during this extremely hot day.

Get out yer stand up Paddle Boards and pretend it's Aloha Magic!


In case you don't know - I live in the Northwest - have been here for 3 years now. I guess you could say there is a serious number of geeks here in the NW - and all-in-all, it doesn't bother me, but lately, I'm craving for something different.

The cool geek phenomenon has been going on for some time now - so isn't it time to bring something else to the forefront for awhile? Maybe the greaser can come back? Instead of thick glasses, we can embrace pomade... Instead of dorky shorts, sandals/socks combo, we can wear vintage boots? Instead of being too smart, we can dumb ourselves down a bit and go cruisin'.

I just can't read about another rock+paper+scissors or trivia contest. I'm ready for something new....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

good lyrics sing to my soul.

Occasionally I blog lyrics to a song. This is because that song (new or old) just speaks to me that day - and makes my heart skip a beat. Sometimes, I go back to the song the next day and the feeling is gone...but it's nice to know that particular day, it meant something to me.

My two favorite artists today:

~Ingrid Michaelson

There is this soulful, french, eclectic energy from both artists that makes me just feel girly and good. Ahhh - here's to being a girl.

Right as Rain, by Adele

Who wants to be right as rain
It's better
When something is wrong
You get excitement in your bones
And everything you do's a game
When night comes
And you're all on your own
You can say I chose to be alone
Who wants to be right as rain
It's harder when you're on top.

Cause when hard work
Don't pay off
And I'm tired there aint no room in my bed
As far as I'm concerned so
Wipe that dirty smile off we
Won't be making up I've cried my heart out
And now
I've had enough of love

Who wants to be riding high
When you'll just crumble
Back on down
You give up everything you are
And even then you don't get far
They make believe that everything
Is exactly what it seems
But at least
When you're at your worst
You know how to feel things.

See when hard work don't pay off
And I'm tired there ain't no room in my bed
As far as I'm concerned so
Wipe that dirty smile off we
Won't be making up
I've cried my heart out
And now
I've had enough of love

Go ahead and still my heart
To make me cry again
Cause it will never hurt
As much as it did then when
We were both right
And no one had blame
But now I give up
On this endless game.

Cause who wants to be right as rain
It's better
When something is wrong
I get excitement
In my bones
Even though
Everything's a strain
When night comes
And I'm on my own
You should know I
Chose to be alone
So who wants to be
Right as rain
It's harder
When you're on top

Cause when hard work
Don't pay off
And I'm tired there ain't no room in my bed
As far as I'm concerned so
Wipe that dirty smile off we
Won`t be making up
I`ve cried my heart out
And now
I've had enough of

No room in my bed
As far as I'm concerned so
Wipe that dirty smile off we
Won`t be making up
I`ve cried my heart out
And now
I've had enough of love

The Way I Am lyrics, by Ingrid Michaelson

If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

breaking the mold.

Recently after some brainstorming with my PR team for a client pitch ;), I realized that breaking the routine in my closet, might be something good for me.

So this month, I decided to branch away from my routine leather bag from Avelle - and go for a designer I've been putting in my 'wish list' for some time now - Isabella Fiore. Each season, Avelle features her bags that have an eclectic, vintage feel to them. Not my norm, but something I've really been drawn to.

Well, here's my bag - pictured. Yes, still brown leather, but it is different for me. There is a painting of a hippy meets Japanese animation girl on the front, AND I can carry it as a shoulder bag OR a messenger bag style.

So far, day 1, I'm digging my decision. Maybe mixing it up was a good idea!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wedding cake. I can't get enough of it. I'm not talking about the eating of the cake (who really remembers the taste of a wedding cake at the wedding?), I'm talking about the appearance of the cake.

I've been watching Amazing Wedding Cakes on WeTV and The Cake Boss on TLC recently - okay, a lot thanks to our DVR. And no, I'm not getting married (I'm actually celebrating my 2-year anniversary this August.)

It's just that I enjoy the drama behind the wedding cake. The decision of what the cake should look like, the layout of the design, the drama behind the fondant - all of it. And these two shows delivery it. (Especially Cake Boss - and his Mom, um, the real boss.)

So what is it behind these expensive and sometimes tasty pieces of art? Is it because it's art we can understand and enjoy (and taste?) Whatever the secret, keep the shows a'coming.

(Cake by April Reed Cake Design, NYC)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Move over Chihuahua, here comes something more clever.

It's time again where a Taco Bell commercial caught my interest. Is it because I find this song funny and enjoyable at the same time? Or is it because I can relate to some of the new lyrics? Regardless, it makes me smile on a summer day in the office.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

beach house for sale.

Just think - for $29.99 you can buy (and build) your own beach house. Can you imagine? Find the beach front property of you dreams, take the LEGO box out of the car, and wa-la - you have your beach dream house equipped with patio furtniture and flowers...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's ride together...

These days when a commerical A.) catches my attention (between fast forwarding via DVR) and B.) makes me wanna sing and dance - it's a keeper. Heineken does it best here. Engaging movement video with an oldie but goodie, clever idea having the cab driver engage with the young hipsters, then add a sweet tagline and the brand.

Well done Heineken. Now only if I enjoyed beer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

know your audience.

Well done.

Monday, May 18, 2009

This month's bag.

I've been a member of Avelle (formerly Bag, Borrow, or Steal - which I know you heard of in the Sex in the City Movie) for over a year now. If you haven't heard of it (???) it's a company where you can find the bag (or other accessory) you're looking for and borrow it - just like you would borrow a bag from your closest girlfriend.

At first I was a little worried about this experience. Would I be able to return the bag in the same condition I received it in? Would the bag be worthy of borrowing? Would borrowing the bag be a good experience?

The answer is YES. I love the experience. Sorta feels like Christmas every time one is delivered to my door. I typically rent a bag 1x a month - and a few times extra if I'm heading to an event or a wedding or something extra ordinary.

This weekend I met up with some girlfriends (with my new bag of course) and my friend Heather said, "Oh your bag - the leather is so soft. You always have the greatest bags."

and my response?

"Heather, you can too...." I'm not sure if she's going to go for it, but I'll keep showing up with fabulous bags each month.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was a freshman in High School and for some reason, I was at Krogers in Spring, Texas with my Dad. I walked by the magazine rack in the grocery store and discovered for the first time Elle magazine. I BEGGED my Dad to buy it for me - geez, I remember it was something like $4.00 for the magazine which in '86 was expensive for a magazine, especially for a 14 year old. ....and somehow I convinced Dad it was a good idea. :)

Until this day, I only had explored my Mother's magazines and of course Seventeen and Young Miss magazine, but Elle was different. Elle was creative, about real fashion, had unique layouts, and the paper - was thicker and something you didn't want to let out of your sight.

It was that day I was hooked to fashion magazines and the love of the experience of opening it up and just absorbing each page like a piece of art.

Elle helped carve my fashion taste to this day. I still melt when I put on the perfect jeans, leather worn-in shoes, a crisp white shirt and some amazing accessory. I understand how an outfit can change my total outlook for the day ahead.

I've touched the fashion industry in my career moving to NYC and working with Marie Claire, Town & Country, and Harpers Bazaar, thinking that is what I wanted. But it wasn't. It's not about that to me. It's about the experience behind the publication. Each time I open a magazine, I feel something. The touch of it in my hands, the new ideas and composition. That is what I
love about fashion.

Do I still read Elle? Occasionally. I was a subscriber till college, and then switched to other mags. These days in my late 30s, I read Vogue and Lucky on a monthly basis. Always excited to find a new issue in my mailbox.

Check out this site where you can view old mag covers: I promise you I still have 2 or 3 of these '86 issues some where in my garage.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Flies....

I just realized I've been blogging with raison d'être since December '06. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a "every day blogger" like many of you - but still, the time I've been blogging is surprising to me.

If any of your are interested in why I call my blog "raison d'être" ?

Here's the definition --

raison d'être - reason for being

I guess you could say my "reason for being" can inspire me to blog when I feel the need. Hence why the URL is

Here's to the reason for being and the stimulus behind each of us to do so.

my taste.

In our house, we have 4 ipods. 2 out of 4 we've purchased, the other 2 were gifts. Do I love my ipod? Nah. I don't love it, but it works. It is a heck a lot better than dragging a cd player to the gym and having it skip as I run on the treadmill or try to lift weights while the cd falls out or something.... But is it perfect? No.

Our 30 gig no longer jives with our home computer and all the music on the hard drive is GONE. It's only on the ipod, so to erase it is like killing our 'record' collection.

So lately, *without* buying the player, I've explored other avenues. One being Zune. I downloaded some music recently for a friend - and could only find certain songs on Zune vs ITunes - so wa-la, I bought some points (Zune is a point system to purchase) to buy some songs....

Recently for work, I checked out the more social aspect of Zune vs ITunes, and created this card to show you what's on my music mind.... sorta cool, though I'm not sure you care. And it's not really my taste 100% but my taste that day. You know, music and me change on a daily basis. Heck, sometimes hourly. One minute I'm chilling with Norah Jones, the other with PIL.

So here's to music and my every changing taste of players, music sites, and more.

Friday, May 8, 2009

From TV to Online.

When a company launches a new commercial, it needs to consider where we are with technology. If we, the audience, dig that commercial, we may want to get online (um, for instance - cough, cough) and talk about it.

This is *not* the first time I've blogged about this. Back in January, I searched for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee's new commercial to give the company some kudos - and nothing. Their new commercial was no where. In today's digital space, it's important to think about all the avenues of how we, your customer, want to spread the word about your brand - and make it easy for us to do so.

Pepsi's new commercial for "Throwback" - um, they are now using real sugar (when did real sugar be the new "new"?), is on TV and online. Great job Pepsi. While searching on their site, I discovered an entire Pepsi YouTube channel. Only bummer, Pepsi doesn't let you grab the code to embed the video. (Don't worry, a user posted it too and it's here for your enjoyment.) If Pepsi's approach is to make us users all go to the Pepsi channel to view, that is not cool.

Companies need to realize that we want to take your brand and make it our own by talking about it - and I feel you need to be okay with that approach. You want us to love you, buy you, now trust us to "post" the brand ourselves and make it a part of us. This has been going on for years in different ways.... For instance, brands on clothes. Heck, I owned a "I'm a Pepper" t-shirt/short set in the '80s that I practically lived in.

So for all you companies out there, believe in your audience and we will make your brand something you didn't even know was possible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's time to embrace what's happening now, now. Not what might happen later - or what has happened. It's time to take each moment when it comes to you and enjoy it. Savor it.
(Pictured: Marlo Thomas, That Girl.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cowgirl dreaming....

I moved to Spring, Texas when I was 7 (3/4) years old. It was February(ish) 1979 - The Houston Oilers had just finished a great season, the "Oil Rush" was in full effect, Urban Cowboy was hit - and my first day of school just happened to be "Rodeo Day" where you got to dress up like a cowgirl for the day. It was going to be a GREAT year.

I dreamt of the day when I'd be old enough to sport the beloved (and barely there) Gilley's Tank top and two-step across the floor of Gilleys with my sexy boyfriend.... Even my parents had gone to "The World's Largetst Nite Club" when we first move to our subdivision with our neighbors - I knew it was in my destiny.

Then the oil crash happened. All those happy moments and parties in the neighborhood disappeared and families were stressed out - financially. Even Gilley's disappeared before I got the chance to be old enough to walk through the doors....

With everything that is happening in our world today, it's good to remember that we will bounce back, we still have each other and our memories of the good times. It's time to be more creative with what we have, give when we can, appreciate those in our lives ...and two-step every second we hear that good ol' song on the radio.


I'm still looking for an original Gilley's tank top - preferably pinkish orange in color -with lace around the top.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watch where you sit....

Advertisers are every where.

At first when I read about this I was slightly grossed out. Social Networking + rating toilets = ew. BUT then I remembered my dream in the mid 90s while living in NYC (pre Starbucks) and praying for restaurant to allow me the key to the kingdom for a brief minute "Why can't any one create a toilet guide for me?!?"

Wa-la! Now you have one - especially for those walking cities where toilets are not available when you need them. It's a user rated toilet guide right on your Blackberry or iPhone at brought to you by Charmin.

Now, when I visit this site, I'm not force fed Charmin - actually I only see the 'red' bear when I hit the homepage my first visit. AND I don't feel overwhelmend with product sponsorship. I would think you wouldn't want the brand and site to tie too much to the toilets - I mean, too closely could imply a connection with lack of or dirty loos.

These days I live in a car friendly, easy walking, welcome restaurant, and use-our-toilet kind of city. I hope that doesn't change and I can enjoy my new Windows Mobile Omnia without having to worry about rating my toilet experience....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

the world's greatest dessert

In case you missed it -Jack Donaghy and his spicy Latina lover, Elisa, on 30 Rock talked to 'us' about the McFlurry during the Valentine's Day show. Believe it or not, it didn't bother me that product placement was in my face and in the story line.... maybe that IS why it didn't make my skin shiver.

The writers took it over the top and cleverly poked holes through the dessert but also gave it praise letting "a McFlurry be what it is." I'm not into the idea of products being placed and held just so I can see the Diet Coke label during a pressing scene in a movie or tv show, but when it's some how makes sense in the story line, the sarcastic characters play it up and make a joke out of it, I can accept it and giggle on the couch with the best of them.

It doesn't hurt that I think Alec Baldwin has some serious skills either.

Monday, March 9, 2009

weather pattterns.

Today's Yahoo weather picture for my area.... Does this mean I should expect pearls pearling from the sky today? I can honestly say, I've never seen this illustration before to describe "Today's Weather."

Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed (even with all the imperfections) of last nights broadcast of the 81st Academy Awards. The set, the approach, the inclusion of 5 past winners for the major presentations, made me feel the importance of the moment for these artists.

I'd like to say Kudos to the Academy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I dig it (a lot) when a person does something for the good of (wo)man kind, and am always surprised when marketers find a way to share this in their marketing vision. Kudos "True North" nuts. I had never heard of you, but by learning about the winning organization - Inspiration Cafe - I've learned more about your product. Not sure I'll buy you, but I've listened. That says something, doesn't it?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

hulu this.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


what surfing has taught me over the years...

1. life is unexpected. you can't plan it. you can't worry about it. you just need to roll with it.
2. always look behind your back.
3. I prefer to go left any day.
4. our planet will be okay but through all this nonsense we're doing to it - we'll suffer.
5. mother nature will crush any ego.
6. there is nothing like paddling through a set after too many days out of the water.
7. ocean water heals all.
8. beauty is all around us.
9. catching a left is better than any new purse, new pair of shoes, anything...
10. surfing with my husband makes me feel warm in my heart.

February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cu. copper.

Copper, let us take you to a furnace where we'll break you,

fire's so big and pretty,

you could cry,

as a buckle, you could ask me what was wrong with me before
did I need the silver to be suitable?

Copper, I have a use for you, it's easy work and it suits you,
dazzled dirty beauty, you must know

Copper is a conductor and makes for decent cooking,
dazzled by your beauty still, you know,

plated or anodized, you even fool a layman's eyes,

presentable though you might be, it's unwise to try to fight me.

Copper -
you'll never be gold.

Copper -

you'll never be gold.
brought to you by Touch & Go. Of course.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I remember my Mom watching West Side Story with my sister and I. My dad had brought home our first VHS player, Beta of course. My Mom was fascinated with the whole experience. She brought home movies that had special meaning to her while growing up and wanted to share them with us.... It worked.

West Side Story was the first movie I can remember - where the songs - "Maria" and "Somewhere" touched me in a way that made me feel everything. I just knew, I understood how Tony, how Maria felt about each other. It was so sad and beautiful at the same time.

There are songs, moments in a movie, scenes, commercials, lyrics - that just touch me. I hear it, I see it, and I just start to feel it. I love it when it just reaches out to me and grabs me in - I could be heading in one direction....say downstairs with a load of laundry - and song can just reach out and remind me of something.

Today's reach brought me to tears with one chorus. I am transported to another time, another place, another emotion.

"Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now"

Glen Hansard - Lyrics from Falling Slowly
Music from Once

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

obviously delicious. secretly nutritious.

These days when I see a great ad on tv, in a magazine, on a social networking site - I expect that I can go online immediately after I see it - and watch it, read it, observe it again.

Tonight I saw a funny new ad campaign by Chef Boy-Ar-Dee - tagline "Obviously delicious. Secretly nutritious." The Mom is trying hard, very hard, to make sure the Dad doesn't let their kid in on the secret (there are vegatables in every can!)

It's funny. It's engaging. I dug it!

So...I searched for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee on YouTube - and found nothing new...only old commercials.... Then I searched for the product site - and while I found all you can think about when it comes to the pasta in a can, the site fell flat and un-engaging. Exactly opposite from what I felt after watching the TV commercial. I'm disappointed that I can't share the commercial with you and give the company some kudos....

So here's a thought companies out there, if you're investing in the TV commericial, the big new campaign - make sure you think about all the ways we can reach out and the connection there. It's not just a 1-stop solution. We have to reach our audiences in multiple ways so people can contribute, stay connected - and engaged. In cases like this - we want our audience to say good things about the new campaign - or in this case question why it's not followed through in today's age of normal campaign outlets.

By the way...what the heck is the story behind "Chef Boy-Ar-Dee"?! I need to search on that one...

sandal socks guy....

Sometimes I just need to see a little something familiar to make me smile. Don't worry, I'm not a sandal socks girl (and um, will never be) but this commercial makes me LOL every time I stumble across it. It's been out a while - but a good example of how marketing to the right audience works - at least from my point of view living in the Northwest.

Now you ask, "Did I switch to Pemco Insurance?" ...

No. But I am blogging about them, aren't I?

Friday, January 23, 2009


i love January. i love the month because I get to start fresh, get organized, and with the help of a new calendar (and a new planner, and maybe another new calendar. yes, i'm an addict.) This year, i was lucky enough to get the latest from susy jack for Christmas. Basically every month is a piece of art in my kitchen.

i've also fallen in love with her Valentines and her wall art and her blog...okay, i am totally digging her and her art right now.

very, very inspiring. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The results are in.

My results.

ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.

...outgoing, social, attention seeking, emotional, loving, organized, comfortable around others, involved, open, hyperactive, complimentary, punctual, considerate, altruistic, easily hurt, religious, neat, content, positive, affectionate, image conscious, good at getting people to have fun, easily excited, perfectionist, assertive, ambitious, leader, hard working, seductive, touchy, group oriented, anti-tattoos

Favored careers: casting directory, film critic, wedding planner, work in the performing arts, teacher (art, preschool, elementary), actor, fashion designer, news anchor, fashion merchandisier, school psychologist, broadcaster, stylist, interior designer, event coordinator, restarant owner, childcare worker, hair stylist, film director, counselor, dancer

Disfavored careers: race car driver, scientist, computer specialist, airline pilot, computer programmer, financial manager, epidemiologist, truck driver, electrical engineer, software designer, web designer, business consultant, dj, bookseller

take your own test....Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'd like to buy the world a coke....

Today, January 20th, 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President of the United States, but you already know that.

Today, during my lunch hour, I came across this bus - pictured, and thought to myself, "Wait, that looks like Obama's message 'Hope Won' " - but it's not...quite..the same.... and... It reads '' in the upper right corner..."

So I headed home and plugged in the URL - "..ah ha, Pepsi." At the same time, I opened my latest Advertising Age magazine and read page 6 which talks about this very thing - Coca Cola & Pepsi are tapping into the country's time of change and rebranding their messages.

Pepsi with a Refresh Everything campaign, which I'm enjoying browsing along with their environmental campaign. Coca-Cola will be unveiling "Open Happiness" shortly.

So at first, I have to admit, though the Pepsi execution is some what decent, I became a little upset. "Why is a soda company copying MY PRESIDENT'S marketing campaign?! Why is the company trying to persuade me to switch to Pepsi just because we have a new President?" Then, honestly I thought, well, why not? If not now, when? Why wouldn't a company say, "hey, we're all going through this change, let's try something else together, now." It actually sort of works - and Pepsi's execution of Refresh Everything works - other than the subliminal messages on buses. I do think that is a little too much.

Then, I remembered something else. I was born in '71 - the same year Coca-Cola released their campaign "I'd like to buy a world a Coke" Campaign. During this time the world was in turmoil, innocent people were in a place of pain and suffering, and we all wanted peace. The hippies were screaming love and harmony, and as a toddler during all this - I fell in love with the commericial song so much my parents bought the 45 LP. (I think my Mom might still have it some where in the basement...)

So here I am a toddler, with my first doll being a black baby doll, my Coca-Cola campaign 45 LP, and a love for peace and harmony. I guess one could say I was being prepped for this very day. The day where we all refreshed and tried something else since the old way just wasn't working.

It's time for change. Hope Won...and maybe just maybe, I'll try a Diet Pepsi.

Sunday, January 18, 2009



here is one for Valentine's Day this year -- rrrrr - leopard, red heart, red roses, oh my. Spice up your Vday in '09 with a little something fascinating.

some my favorites on Esty...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's time to adapt. No longer can you dial 1-800-call-now on your blackberry. It just won't work. It's time for companies to realize these messages aren't working for the majority of us today. Those words which spell out on our old(er) phones just don't work for us any more. Our blackberry only includes the following letters: W, E, R, S, D, F, Z, X, and C. So maybe I could call 1-800-SEE-DEEZ whatever that might mean... I think you get the idea.

So companies and marketers - it's time to change your message. And I don't just mean with your toll-free numbers, I mean time to change along with technology - and of course with the economic trends. Time to get real with what the people want, what the people see, what the people view as important, what people say (and say strongly.) We can no longer report that this new product is NEW and IMPROVED, if guess what?! It's not. (We should not have been telling a white lie in the first place btw.) These days people will call you out in less than 5 mins if you're not careful. Just look at happened with Midol and how they really missed the mark.

So here's to honest marketing - and well, bringing it back to the basics and listening to what people what, where technology has taken us, and staying in tune in where we're heading.

Monday, January 12, 2009

why I started this blog....

On December 9, 2006 I started raison d'être " share my inspirations and keep me on my toes with fashion, art, and inspiration."

I am not one of those bloggers who feels like I have to blog every day (not that there is anything wrong with that style...) It's just that I'm the type of person and always have been, the person who sees something or feels something, and wants to share it. Sometimes I see or hear or read or _______ something so creative that inspires me so much I want to do a little dance right then and there.

So this blog is my outlet (along with an occasional facebook status update.)

For the last 72 hrs I've been inspired by a few things -

  1. It all started Friday night discovering "Munchausen by Proxy" the fictional band with Zooey Deschanel featured in the movie Yes Man
  2. Which lead me to my latest issue of Domino magazine which for some odd (or is it not that odd of a coincidence?) Miss Zooey D. was featured on the cover...
  3. Where she talks about her real band She&Him
  4. Where I downloaded a few songs...then became a fan on facebook
  5. Then, listened to a few songs on itunes by M. Ward and became his fan too
  6. Then realized he lives in Portland and is hitting up Seattle in March
  7. So I bought my man and I 2 tickets on
  8. then went back to Facebook to post his video (very clever *and* inspiring - hence my blog post) to Chinese Translation
  9. To find a paid placement for an etsy shop for SparklePaw and fell in love with this Octopus card which reminded me of M. Ward's song Chinese Translation. (the picture featured.)

See these last 72 hrs have inspired me to share with you where I'm at creatively and where I want to be in some aspect of my life. Now where that aspect lives, I'm trying to figure out. I'm doing a little dance now...

Friday, January 9, 2009

How to become a professional cupcake model.

1. love cupcakes.

2. appreciate the perfect balance between cake and frosting ratio.

3. know how to dress.

4. know the difference between shortening and butter, uh-pllllleeeeassse.

5. understand the art of decorating a cupcake from toppers, to cupcake liners, icing tips, themed parties, to colored sugar.

6. melting inside with love when you first discovered cupcake "wrappers" and thinking of all the possibilities.

7. have a weekly manicure with a nice cupcake pink color for the nails.

8. thinking on January 9th what type of cupcakes should be made for Valentines day.

9. wondering when the next cupcake occasion can be? Obama's inauguration? (works for me.)

10. crave a cupcake so badly, get in your car and go buy one at your favorite cupcake place - trophy cupcakes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

life is better....

Q-Tip and Norah Jones sing it well - with Q-Tip's new CD - The Renaissance. Seems like a sweet soundtrack kicking off 2009 focusing on the year ahead...

"Life is better
Now that
Now that I found you...."