Thursday, October 2, 2008

modern technology (is killing me.)

you see - i have this new mobile phone - actually i have '2' new mobile phones for work. 2 phones that aren't working....

1 - you can't hear me on.

2 - you can't get work email on.

my new amazing cell phones are supposed to work like a charm. i'm supposed to have this ease of checking my work email, making calls, doing work - it's an amazing idea...

i remember back in jr. high when my mom and dad gave me my first phone - it was a princess phone in pastel pink. i loved it.

i remember plugging into the wall, and wa'la! it worked!!!!! I could sit in my canopy bed and talk about eyeliner, boy crushes, and the best song ever on the radio.

these days, i sit for hours on the phone with my mobile carrier, trying to figure out how both of these phones are supposed to make my life easier. (i'm actually on with them again for the 3rd hour this week....)

what happened to my days of sitting in my bed, day dreaming of boys - asking my mom to stop picking up the phone and trying to call her friends. maybe i should just get a landline and say good bye to all this easy living....

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