Tuesday, July 1, 2008

inspiring in so many ways.

It's always great to see a friend launch a new interactive solution to show the world something they need to know more about... My friend and artist - Susan Wickstrand, just relaunched her website. It's amazing how she captures the essence of the ocean emotions in her art. I'm in love with this painting featured here. It makes me want to run into my storage room, find my oil paints and paint on any surface I can get my hands on. Thanks for the inspiration today and ongoing...

Here's to you Susan - Congrats!

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susan Wickstrand said...

Wow, Cat, you are too kind my kindred creative one. Oddly enough, this very piece you singled out, "Twilight" (that is the kicker for a new body of work in process) just sold this a.m. w/in 24 hours of the launch notice. Pretty cool & amazing the powers of the internet and blogs from quality, creative people like yourself. Come by for a studio visit next time you're in Encinitas, have a cup of joe & we'll talk shop! The waves miss you down here sweet & beautiful friend,
xo, Susan Wickstrand