Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reality or TV?

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to live in NYC (and did for 9+ years), I love peter pan collars (I believe 1/2 my closet has these..), paten leather shoes/bags/anything! (enough said), and I love redheads (married one actually...)

Did this all come from the TV show "Family Affair"??? As a little girl, I it was one of my favorite shows. I watched the reruns and had a vintage Buffy doll that played oh so well with my many Barbies.

Wow, what a weird realization.

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Strath said...

I used to love staying home from school and catching Family Affair (right before The Price is Right). The show was funny and stuff but there was an honesty/slight sadness to it that you don't see in shows anymore. Nice to see your blog, yo.