Tuesday, April 22, 2008

miss mary mack is back.

i feel an advertisement is a good one - when it touches me, whether that be by a memory, a feeling, an emotion.

recently Nabisco reminded me a school rhyme we played a recess with their "Recess is back" campaign (100-calorie packs.)

Here's to play time memories - if only we could head to recess every day after lunch....AND if only those 100-calorie Oreo packs really tasted like double stuff Oreos!

“Miss Mary Mack”

Miss Mary Mack - Mack Mack
All dressed in black - black black
With silver buttons - buttons buttons
All down her back - back back

She asked her Mother - Mother Mother
For fifteen cents - cents cents
To see the elephants - elephants elephants
Jump the fence - fence fence

They jumped so high - high high
They touched the sky - sky sky
And they never came back - back back
Til the forth of July - ly ly

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