Monday, March 31, 2008

fresh air.

I'm driving in my car - on my way to my third meeting of the day - and you came on the radio. Your song just hits me - makes my arm hair stand up on it's tippy toes.

I open the car windows and let the cool air fill the car. Your music touches my soul and my heart. I can't stop listening to you - you're like the first time I fell in love - you just touch my soul in a way that makes me feel so deeply. The keys on the piano. The tones in your voice. The back-up singers.

Here's to all you artists out there - reminding us to open up our soul and listen.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

time for spring cleaning.

Here's to spring. Check out these sweet wall decals from $8.00 - $19.00 dollars. They can really change up the room in your apartment, house, condo, townhouse - without painting, etc. I dig it. Thanks (again) etsy for showing me something cool.

Friday, March 7, 2008

be a dancer.

Arabesque. Pirouette. Plié.
Words that were told to me for a few years growing up. French "fancy" words - pink tights, pink leotard, bun in the back. Day dreams of dancing on stage - being delicate, the flower, the girl.

I didn't dance for long - but I always will dream of being that ballerina. Capezios are coming back - layered nearly nude blouses, pink long strappy hand bag. be the dancer you've always wanted to be - or at least appear like one.

(illustration by
Lauren Pope. Isn't it lovely?)