Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today, I woke up to a blue sky scattered with only a few clouds and the sun shining in through the windows. I went around the entire house opening the shades to let the light in - and felt the wind enter our home through the windows built in 1908. Then the rain started - just zoomed on in. Big beautiful drops of rain, but the sky was only 1/2 gray...

Next, I heard there was a rainbow right by our house, so I threw on some boots and ventured out to see it. It was beautiful - and a great way to start my Thursday.

Searching online I found some pictures, but also found this drawing. I love the sketch and how the illustrator made the map fun and simple. It is my Thursday inspiration.

Here's to beautiful mornings full of smiles and many rainbows where ever you may find yours...

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